Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday High Five

Angela once more has the Friday High Five up and running, so ...

My list of five for today:

Five Things I Know But My Dog Doesn't Know I Know

  • I know that you are sitting with your head in my lap, grinning as I type, just hoping I will pet you. Begging like that only sometimes works.

  • I know that there is a bit of wind making the bushes move outside. You don't have to keep trying to tell me. It's really unladylike to be barking at the breeze, no matter how important it seems to you.

  • I know that it snowed last night. After all, we were out together to shovel it this morning. And no it wasn't very helpful that you kept throwing nose loads of snow up in the air and back onto the places I just shoveled.

  • I know how L's valentine bear, sitting calmly on the kitchen counter when we went to bed, appeared on the library floor this morning. You might have been able to plead innocent if you hadn't suddenly stopped and refused to enter the library until after I picked up said bear. It also would have helped if you hadn't then run with your tail between your legs to the back door while looking back at me with a guilty grin.

  • I know that the toilet lids are down throughout the house. Although you recently turned 21 in dog years, that does not give you the right to imbibe eau de toilette in this household. Gone are the days of mysterious lapping sounds coming down the hallway to my ears. Gone too are the surprisingly wet muzzled and guilty grins as you tried to nonchalantly appear innocent when you heard me coming down the hall. The water in your water bowl comes from the same place. You don't need the extra addictive kick of eau de toilette in your life. Get over it.
Doesn't look very innocent to me. How about you?
A more normal look. "Come on, Come on ..."


  1. Love it yet again! Thanks for coming back although many didn't this week! I know far too well the lapping sounds coming from the bathroom because our two dogs also have a need for eau de toilette!! Oh and stuffed animals...don't get me started...they will ALWAYS end up in shreds!!

  2. L says: Since I am not "home" this weekend, this blog was a delight to read. Oh Molly Dog, Oh Guilty One, those ears that lay back flat on your head just give you away.

  3. I just loved this! It was so funny! And you captured your love of your dog ... and your dog's true doggieness ... just right! I was smiling from the moment I read the title!

  4. I adore her! Sigh, I'm such a dog lover.

    I have a little love on my blog to you!

  5. I loved the "lapping" sounds and bear being mysteriously on the library floor.

    After seeing the pics, I can't imagine why you would accuse her of any wrongdoings.

  6. LOL, cute! Dogs are awesome.

  7. Hahaha! Loved it! She is beautiful! What an expressive face!


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