Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stupid Saturday

In my ongoing quest to find the really dumb clinkers of the universe, I have come up with yet another Saturday list of stupidity.

First off we have this gem as reported on the fail blog.

fail owned pwned pictures
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You really have to wonder if their marriage is going to last much longer.

Then we have this story from Houston. It seems that the troubled police system there just got more troubled. You really have to wonder how a police department computer system could be left open to this kind of virus infection.

Houston shut down part of its municipal court operations Friday, cancelling hearings and suspending arrests for minor offenses after a computer virus infected hundreds of its machines. City officials said they expected the problems to extend at least through Monday.
Click here for the full story from the Houston Chronicle.

In further police administration related stupidity, we have this tale of domestic untranquillity:
HEBRON, Ind. – A woman who wasn't invited to her sister's wedding reception showed up anyway and attacked the bride, pulling out clumps of her hair, police said. Annmarie Bricker, 23, of Valparaiso, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of battery.

Jeremy Glotzbach told police he was hosting a reception for newlyweds Nicholas Landry and Lori Kappes at his home on Jan. 23 when Bricker, Kappes' sister, attacked Kappes on the front porch.

Bricker pulled out clumps of Kappes' hair, struck her head and took the bride to the ground during a struggle, according to the Porter County Sheriff's Department.

Bricker told police she went to the house because she "just wanted to talk" to her sister and parents about family problems. She said she never touched her sister, but five witnesses contradicted her, authorities said. Kappes did not need medical treatment.

Bricker later resigned from her job as a Porter County 911 dispatcher.

(Click here for full credits and pictures.)

But it's not just police that are acting strangely. We also have this Canadian who evidently never heard the old Wendy's commercials questioning "Where's the beef?"
By The Canadian Press

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - A Newfoundland diner is in trouble for apparently liking his steak with plenty of marble.

A 58-year-old man is facing an assault charge in St. John's after he allegedly slugged his waiter for serving a steak that was "too meaty." The incident occurred Thursday night at a downtown restaurant.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary alleges the man pushed the waiter and punched him in the face on his way out of the restaurant.

He has been released from custody and will appear in provincial court at a later date.

And finally, a chance for you to determine where *you* are on the StoOpid scale. When I took the stupid test, you'll note that I came out as only 1% stoOpid. How did you do? (Just click on the logo to take the test.) says I'm 1% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

I'll leave you on that note. There's only so much stupidity one man can take.


  1. Well, as I feared, I was 69% stoopid! Can I still read your blog?

  2. lol I was 45% stoopid :o that amazed me :) Your posts don't update on my dashboard which means I'm going to be forced to come visit you every day to see if you made new posts (I missed 2 since y'day. grrr) And OMG about our lovely police department. I saw it on our local news too. Just makes me shake my head lol

  3. Yes, you all can still read the blog. It is an interesting set of gotcha type questions.

    What I'm really hoping for is to figure out how I got my 1% - was that the penalty for even taking the test?

  4. Kathy - I don't know why it won't update in dashboard. It does in the various readers (I use Google reader). The feed is via feedburner. I'll look into it, but if anyone reading has a clue, let me know.


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