Saturday, February 28, 2009

It Had to Happen

You just knew it had to happen someday, but I find it sad that it has apparently already happened:
(Routers) Today the OED Prepublication Committee announced that the word "said" is now considered outmoded and archaic. It will be replaced in primary usage by the word "like" in its past and indefinite form of "was like". Some examples from the usage section of the definitional change sections:
Jim said, "What day is it?"
Jill said, "When are we going to the mall?"

Jim was like, "What day is it?"
Jill was like, "When are we going to the mall?"
I am disconcerted by this change as I had become used to said in all its forms. It was bad enough living in LA during the peak of the Valley Girl phase, but now to have it be considered proper usage is sad.

I've got to go be depressed. Carry on.

For those who are a bit slow on the uptake, this is just me getting in practice for the upcoming April 1 event.
Yes, I'm joking about "said".


  1. lol! I agree. That is quite depressing.

  2. could ... you know... totally fool someone with this. Not, like me, ya know. But somebody.

  3. Dan said, "Said is not the proper usage." I was like, "NO WAY!" :-D

  4. That was like - hilarious. Like, you know I seriously like LOLed. For reals.

  5. Oh just give it time. Even words I grew up with are already being replaced by more "regular" forms that aren't actually words. And it drives me nuts. I dreamed last night that everyone leaped off a bridge at the same time. *sigh*

    I did love the nod with Routers though!

  6. LOL ;) I love to use 'like' in my blogging and when I want effect in my speech when talking to my husband or BFF ... but I agree 'like' is far too often used and in the most, like, inappropriate of places!


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