Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Writer's Wednesday

The Mama Kat Writer's Challenge is upon me once more. The challenge for this week offered the following choices:
1.) Tell us about a lie you told that you later regretted.
2.) Choose a task you'd like someone to complete and write a poem asking them to do it.
3.) Describe a talent you have.
4.) Write a list of ten things on your mind this week.

I decided to do the poems of request for my challenge this week. To make it really challenging for the wordy person that I am, I decided to do them in variant Haiku style. (I disclaim all responsibility for anyone who dies reading this!)

On the subject of getting the train whistles to calm down:
Sorrowfully wailing
Noisy train near
No whistling here

On the federally mandated water treatment:
Sparkling water clear
Federally mandated
You pay for it
Eight million years OK
One senate session not
Idiots abound

Now it is up to you to do your own challenge.


  1. This was the best poem on Federally Mandated Water Treatment ever!!!!!!

  2. I love your poems! Cracking me up over here, I'm with Jenners...the water one is awesome! :)

  3. (Came over from Mama Kat's Workshop) :)

    I love haikus! They're pretty tricky to write, but yours are great! I agree with everyone else and think that the water one is fantastic too. :D

  4. Haikus are my favorite. Like the one about the trains... have you tried earplugs?

  5. lol I ALMOST died laughing and you are responsible :o but I'll let you slide this time..haha jp Great haiku's!

  6. I love the haiku style. I wish all members of government would start using this writing style. Seriously, then maybe they'd really say what they mean!! :-)

  7. This is why I stopped doing the poetry prompts. You all do it so much better! Great ones!

  8. Yep nothing says it better than "idiots abound"!!!

  9. The third poem is my favorite. :D

  10. I must say I like idiots abound, yet the water haiku is the one!

  11. Hysterical laughter...wait still going...aaaaah. Okay I'm done now :)


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