Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday High Five

Angela invited me to take part in the Friday High Five and so ...

My choice of five things to post about is:
Five Things I Am Thinking About
  1. A co-workers father died last night. It was not unexpected, but it is still sad and brings back memories of the sadness when my own father died several years ago. I know he will be tied up with his family and his mother and I can't do anything to help him, but it just seems like we ought to be able to help our colleagues in need.
  2. Country Bob's sent me a couple of bottles of All Purpose Sauce and I can hardly wait to try it out. I have sone custom recipes in mind, but first I think I might try meat loaf made with Country Bob's. I'll let you know what I try first and if some of my germinating ideas turn out edible. You know how it is with my experimental cooking. (I'm just amazed that Country Bob's thinks I can cook!)
  3. I'm still in shock about how many comments I got on my variant haiku for the Writer's Challenge in this post. The most comments ever in the history of this blog! (Although I really think that the phrase "Idiots abound" is what people liked.)
  4. I keep wondering just how windy it is going to be here Sunday afternoon. All week has been really unseasonably warm (65-70 in Colorado in the winter?) and it is all supposed to change Sunday afternoon to a week of highs below 20. So I expect a lot of wind as the front rolls in.
  5. Should I bump my daily walk up from the current 5 miles to 7 miles? I'm sure Molly the wonder dog would like it.
So what are you thinking about?


  1. What am I thinking about ~ does he truly walk that far in one outing? Wow! My bulldog would kill over before the first mile ~ into a puddle of his own drool! LOL "Idiots abound" was definitely my favorite part! Sorry to here about your coworkers dad! Thank you so much for joining in and come back next week! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm sorry about the death of your father. The grief always continues to come out when you least expect it.

    What am I thinking about? I'm thinking I better go read that haiku of yours!

  3. Yep - 5 miles at a time. Takes 70-90 minutes, but if I move it up to 7 miles I'll also gradually up the pace so it will still take about 90 minutes. (And Molly is border collie mix so she could literally do 20 miles and probably still get excited if she saw a squirrel.)

  4. I think Molly would love a longer walk :) And I loved your haiku too (I admit I was one of the comments but only because you can go back and see me :p lol) Sorry for your friends loss and your loss of ya'lls fathers. I lost my daddy almost 10 years ago now :( It hasn't gotten any easier for me. Hope you don't get blown away tomorrow :)

  5. Wow, I was feeling all proud of myself for running 3 miles and then I read that you're going on 7? Yeesh. :)

    Uh, let's see, I'm thinking about girlfriends, and how it's hard to make them when you're over 29. I just want to find a group of women who are intelligent, funny and not shallow. They're so prevalent in all the TV shows and movies I watch so why can't I find any here in Vegas? :)

    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking about.

  6. Congrats on the comment record! Woo hoo!
    And I think you should increase your walk.
    I love somehow thinking I can influence people's lives like this. : )


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