Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Being a guy, I always like to kill several birds with one stone. (It's genetic, we just can't help it.) So since L is stuck up in the mountains and I'm out here on the plains for Valentine's Day *and* since Summer is having her blogversation challenge "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours" today, I figured I'd combine a Valentine Card for L with pictures featuring a couple of my favorite rooms here at the homestead. No video since I don't have a working digital movie camera at the moment. So without further ado, here's Bearie ....

"Hi (and aren't I a cute Valentine Bear, even if Molly chewed me a bit the other day.) I'm sitting on a kitchen counter guarding a tub of Chex Mix for when L gets here next week. I hear she loves this stuff."
For the room tourists, this looks from the kitchen into the family room.

Bearie takes a perch in the library out of the reach of Molly. But there is no L in sight, how sad.

A bit longer range view of the far wall of the library with Bearie peaking out and Molly going "What? Was that a flash that woke me?"

So now looking at the far end of the library. Note that Molly got disgusted and turned around to go back to sleep.

A view of the far end of the library looking into the kitchen hallway and the dining room.

"I'm about to leave the library, how about some tunes?"

Now Bearie is in the living room sitting on the coffee table. Bad bear - bears shouldn't sit on tables.

So Bearie moved to the couch, just waiting for L to come and sit beside him.

Never a good bear for long, Bearie moved to the formal dining table at the end of the living room. Still a bad bear, sitting on the table.

"I moved to a chair on the other side of the room, it that OK?"

But then Bearie found the Christmas Pig and they curled up together on the other end of the living room. It was love at first sight until the Christmas Pig and Molly left to get all slobbery together. (The Christmas Pig was actually a chew-toy gift to Molly at Christmas.)

And finally, the other side/end of the living room. Bearie is being a bad bear, sitting on the piano. I think its time he took a nap.

So that takes care of the tour of my two favorite rooms, the library and the living room. Someday maybe I'll do a tour of my ofice here, since it has almost as many book shelves and books as the library. You'd never guess that L and I are real book lovers. {*grin*} (Note that if you click on the pictures, they have a lot more clarity.)

L, I'll see you next week when we celebrate our birthdays. Love you!


  1. If L knew you would have been spending the day creating a personality for a stuffed bear and placing it randomly throughout the house while taking pictures...she never would have left you.

    But it's super cute! And DANG, what a clean house!

  2. L says: Silly, cute wandering bear. Sweet!

  3. Dan, this had me cracking up and then I read Mama Kat's comment and almost peed a little.

    I do think it is so sweet how you multi task for your loved one. That, for a man, is a feat in itself!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    P.S. Why is your wife in the mountains? I'm ever so confused.

  4. Yes, I wonder why L is off in the mountains so frequently also. Can you lure her back with a trail of chex mix?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. That was so cool!!! And I so want your library and your piano!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you and L are together soon!

  6. L's current business is in the mountains so she lives there during the week. Some weekends we can be together and others we have commitments that prevent it. That is why L spends so much time in the mountains. You might check here and especially here for the details.

  7. That was cute :) Happy Valentine's Day..sorry ya'll weren't together.

  8. I'm jealous of that piano!


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