Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

L and I spent the afternoon/evening at a Super Bowl party. It was a classic Super Bowl party - food, food, and more food. And of course beer and liquor and pop and coffee. The party started two hours before kick-off with tables of food including everything from cocktail weenies in BBQ sauce to hot wings to cold cuts to cheese platters to chips and dips and cookies and ... Basically enough food to feed four times as many people as were at the party.

Then at halftime, the hostess rolled out the tenderloin of beef and pulled pork and baked beans and salads and ... But even all that didn't supply the bite that broke the proverbial camel's back and led to that absolutely stuffed feeling. For that purpose, there was a chocolate cake with extra rich chocolate frosting covered in shaved chocolate. Rich enough to cause diabetic coma at twenty paces. Of course, I just had to have a piece. It was indeed the proverbial overdoing it. As a result, I still feel stuffed hours later.

Just so you understand, I have been a diabetic for decades. So when a party where there will be an over abundance of food is in my future, I plan ahead both by nature and by necessity. That is why I was out with Molly the wonder dog early this afternoon and put in 7-8 miles walking before getting ready for the party. The extra 3-4 miles meant I could eat later at the party without being overly watchful of what I was eating. Besides, it made Molly happy to stay at home and catch a nap. But even all that preparation will do nothing for that overstuffed feeling.

It was so nice to visit and banter with the acquaintances and  friends at the party. With L and I living so far apart during the week, our joint social life has gone down the tubes. On the weekends when we see each other, we are generally tied up with family and each other to the exclusion of our friends and acquaintances.  Add to that the fact that we are at the age where most of us (L, I, friends, and acquaintances) have already lost our fathers and have mothers that are struggling with various medical issues, and it can be even more daunting to get the crew together. One of our friends at the party could only drop in for a bit since her mother was hospitalized last night and she needed some sleep and to go see her mother again. It all conspires to mean that it can require the phases of the moon and the stars to align just right for us all to be able to get together.

One of the things I enjoyed most at the party was looking across the room and into the the other room and seeing L and some others talking and laughing. It was too far away to have any clue of what they were talking or laughing about, but just the sight of L with her head thrown back laughing is one of my favorite things to see in all the world. It reminds me of the really neat young girl I first met way back when in biology class . Really makes me wish I could make her laugh all the time. And to see her talking with such evident animation and enjoying herself warms my heart. (Can you tell that I really love my wife?)

Time to get some other things done. How was your super Sunday?


  1. The Super Bowl party we were invited to was cancelled due to the dealth of our friends dad the previous interesting that you would write about that because it does seems like all our friends are in the midst of ailing parents.
    I met my husband in high school also, we will be married 32 years this Dec. - it is pretty nice to hear about married couples who not only still like and love each other decades later, but met as high school sweethearts.

  2. I think it is wonderful how in love you are with your wife! It comes through in many many of your blog posts! That is great!

    Hope the overstuffed feeling has subsided ... and good for you for preparing for the party so responsibly!

  3. Sounds like a great Super Bowl party! Mine was pretty good too. Thanks for asking! ;)

    Do you have your diabetes under control for the most part? I'm impressed that you took the initiative to "plan ahead" for the overabundance... Working in a hospital, I see grown men act like babies about having to exercise to keep their sugar in check... It's refreshing to see something different!

    And the two of you make a beautiful couple... :)

  4. Melanie - In answer to your question, I have been able to hold my A1C between 6.1-6.5 for the last 20 years or so. There have been about 6 months where it was higher, usually connected with changing meds or other issue. (I use both drugs and exercise for control.)

  5. What a great entry. It is obvious you love your wife, but you can also tell how much you appreciate her.


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