Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Back .....

After being tied up and too darn lazy to post for a while, I'm back. (Not that you cared, but ...)

After weeks of winds up to 60 mph and higher than normal temperatures, it seems to have settled down to go directly into summer without bothering with spring. It is the warmest this early in the year in my memory. Goes along with the fact that the start of the year has been the warmest in recorded history, especially the month of March. Hard to believe there are still some clueless people who don't believe the climate is changing. So now it is time to turn on the water to the sprinkler systems, etc. Really early, but the upside is that we might have a long enough growing season to grow some longer growth period melons.

In other news, the Easter Bunny made it through another season without getting shot, unlike these cousins in New Zealand. (I wonder how the New Zealand residents take the fact that Google marks their country as a misspelling?)
(You can read the full story of the Great Easter Bunny Hunt here. )

And I thought the local denizens were odd!

Well, time to get back to real work. More later.
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