Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ten Honest Things

Ashley @ This Mama is Fr-exy tagged me for this award:
But of course it has rules and restictions for otherwise we will throw "the masses on the path of anarchy."  (Can you tell me where the quote is from? Answer is at end.) Ashley passed on the following set of rules:
  1. Choose blogs that you find awesome in content or design
  2. Put on your blog with a link and let them know you awarded them
  3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself

So first the 10 honest things:
  • I was a very small and premature baby.
  • I wear size 16 shoes. (I think they over cooked me in the incubator!)
  • I am 6'5" and 300+ lbs. (See, I told you they overcooked me!)
  • L and I have been married for more than 33 years.
  • L and I have one son, known as the Son or the son herein who is 18 years old.
  • L and I have known each other for almost 40 years. (Read part of the story here.)
  • I have clear memories back to before one year of age. Memories that predate my abilities to express things verbally.
  • I have a quasi-eidetic memory. If I have read a book in the last few years, I can re-read one or two pages and remember the whole volume. (That means I usually have to wait 5 or more years before I can re-read a book with much pleasure.)
  • I had my first poetry published in Junior High School. (Not as impressive as it sounds. Someday I may have to put the beasties on here. Then you'll know why it isn't impressive.)
  • My birthday is this Tuesday.

And now for the blogs I award:

The quote is from "The Prelude to Bolshevism" by A. F. Kerensky. (He was Prime Minister of Russia and the Commander in Chief of the Russian Army before the revolution.) I thought it went well with the Arm and Hammer on the Award.


  1. Thank you for this award! I'll treasure it always ;)

  2. Size 16 shoes?!
    And I complain about having to find short person's pants!

  3. I remember things incredibly well...unless they were less than a week ago lol wait until next week and I'll remember it again :)

  4. Thank you so much! I'm honored!

  5. well i wanted to say thanks for de lurking! and wow...what's a nice guy like you doing reading a blog like mine???


  6. Good heavenly mercy. Where do you get your shoes! They did turn that control on that incubator a bit high, didn't they?

  7. Oh yeah... "The Prelude to Bolshevism" ... it was right on the tip of my tongue ... NOT!!!!

    For a premature baby, you sure got big feet! WOW! I love these types of posts .. you always learn such random stuff.


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