Friday, February 20, 2009

New feed is up and running

I lied. I went ahead and got the feeds changed out early. The old mangled feeds have been deleted and a single "correct" feed is now running.

If you were subscribed in a reader, unsubscribe and then click the subscribe in a reader button on the right. If you were a follower, unsubscribe (stop following) and they resubscribe (follow).

Let me know if you hit any oddities. (And thanks for your patience!)

As the old Outer Limits TV show used to say: "We now return control of your set to ..."



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yay! I'm finally seeing your blogs in my feeder!

  3. I did we'll see if I did it right ;)

  4. Whatever you did must have fixed it! I had about 10 of your updates in my Following box this morning :) I unfollowed and refollowed just in case though...

  5. The hint that something was up was that you suddenly had 25 new posts ups. At first I had to admire your amazing productivity, then I realised what was happening.

  6. I just go to blogs on their pages (perhaps I should switch to a reader ... might be more efficient. But can you comment in a reader? I know you will know that answer. If so, could you recommend a reader for me that will let me comment as I read.) But I do know that your blog on my blogroll doesn't say "updated 4 weeks ago).


You know you want to ... so just do it!!!

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