Thursday, February 25, 2010

Five for Friday

I thought about doing a Friday High Five post, but since I'm not sure Angela is back often enough to host, I decided to let it slide for this week. Instead I'll ask the rhetorical question - Do you think there are enough computers on my desk?

Oops, sorry - I forgot that you don't have telescopic x-ray vision. Here is what my desk looks like tonight:

It looks a bit like the computers are mating and multiplying. The two little netbooks on the left are in the process of being prepped and loaded for use by the animal officers in the humane society. (I'm not only the executive director, but also the IT guru of the humane society.) Couple them with some antennas and mounts and misc. electronics added to the vehicles and we will shortly have brought the process into at least the 20th century and maybe even the 21st.

One neat capability will be almost instant load from the cameras to the netbooks to the back-end database and then to the web site so that found and captured animals can be spotted almost immediately by their owners simply by visiting the web site. Likewise, when animals are cleared for adoption, they are then visible on the site as well, hopefully decreasing the time to adoption.

The animal officers are in seventh heaven over the idea of the netbooks and computerized vehicles. We'll have to see how they feel in a few months when they have had time to hit the real warts.

Time to load some more software.

(Did you spot where the five in the title came from? Five monitors on the desk: 2 on netbooks, one on laptop, and two on the desk side server. )


  1. You are quite the multi-tasker. I bet the officers are pumped about having access to computers--the support thing can be time consuming though.

  2. I actually did count the computer monitors as soon as I saw the picture :) I think that's an awesome program y'all are starting. It's much better than what I had to go through when my dog got loose...yes, he's registered but he's not wearing his tag because his collar is stuck under the fence where he escaped from. He's brown. Normal looking. How many brown dogs do you have? I'll be right there. No he's not here. Ugh. I would have LOVED to be able to look at a screen and see my dog there!!

  3. Oh that is such a cool idea. Our shelter has had pictures of animals on the website for years, and it definitely helps reduce the time to adoption for many of them. The trick is keeping the site updated!

    And the place for strays to be uploaded? Now that's brilliant - and I may have to steal that for our shelter!

  4. Oh my, humane society. I have been going online here at the local humane society since November just browsing at cats. Hubby and I have decided we want to get a cat from the humane society. We just got the litter box. Next we will get the rest of the supplies. We are taking time for his CD to be completed and for him to not be stressed so we can welcome a cat into our home and have time with her. I counted your five computers as soon as I saw your picture of your totally neat and clean desk!

  5. And here, Greg was saying that it's too much having two laptops and two computers in our home. Hehe. Wow, though...


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