Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Case of the Disappearing Blogger

Do you ever wonder what happens to people you meet via the blogosphere when they disappear? Sometimes they seem to disappear from the face of the earth with no explanation or hint of impending disappearance.

I don't know about you, but I always start off for the first several weeks assuming that something in real life must have come up and then they will return.  But as the missing time extends to a month, I tend to actually visit the website {*gasp*} to make sure it is not a changed or missing RSS feed. And when it doesn't turn out to be that, I start to assume that for whatever reason they have decided to stop blogging. In the back of my mind I hope that they have not suffered illness or accident or other misfortune. By the second month, I have usually come to acceptance that I will never know what happened to cause their disappearance, and, in many cases, it is not long thereafter that their web design graphics hosting fades and the site becomes nothing more than ugly placeholders. Rarely is there a return from the prolonged heat death of the site.

But there are exceptions. One recent returnee after undergoing blogging heat death is Angela of Angel Eyes Adventures, the hostess of Friday High Five. It will be interesting to hear (or not) the tale behind her sudden disappearance from the web early last November. In any case,

Welcome Back Angela!


  1. You're an excellent blogger, but I can understand why some bloggers disappear. It's easy to get in a creative slump or other things make it difficult for you to find the fun in blogging.

    I've thought about taking a month off from blogging.

  2. Sometimes I take a week off and often I am jaded but in the end I always come back to it because
    a. blogging is the only thing I've ever stuck at for more than 2 weeks
    b. its addictive

  3. YES YES! I do wonder where the disappearing bloggers go! I would rather someone say, "I'm taking a blogger break" and at least read the message rather than they disappear for good. Argghh! And I do worry about the bloggers... if they are Ok, major things going on in their life... you get to know people without meeting them and you care about them!

    I'll have to go check out Angela's blog :)

  4. I was totally happy she came back too...I know all about disappearing because of life :)


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