Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday To L

Happy Birthday to L
Happy Birthday to You
(You look like a monkey
And live in a zoo)

I just can't leave that last stanza off. Must be all the bad influences when I was growing up. As I mentioned before, today is the lovely L's birthday. The five day span of me being the old coot to her young damsel is now over for another year. You can help celebrate by leaving a happy birthday comment for her. I have it on good authority she will not see this until tonight.

First up in our celebration, a Monkee video. The Monkees were/are one of L's favorite groups and a teenage heart-throb of hers. In fact, a revival with three of the four Monkees is one of the few occasions that L ever successfully drug me to a teeny-gum concert. So here they are in their heyday:

You know you are getting up there when this cartoon applies to you. (Nudge, nudge, hint, hint.)

Happy Birthday L
Many Happy Returns


  1. Waterbeds don't exist anymore???

    Happy Birthday L!

  2. Happy Birthday to L and we are keeping the gibberish alive and well here with a still function VHS player that the kids use often.

  3. Happy Birthday L!

    Loved the cartoon. OMG, though... I remember those things too.

  4. Happy Birthday L! Hope it's a great one!!

  5. Happy Birthday L! Love the comic :)


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