Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Weather Outside Is ...

Remember yesterday when I mentioned the snow was continuing. Well guess what? It snowed and flurried all day today. Around noon today, this was the view out to the back patio:
Yep, that is about a foot of snow sitting on the table. That doesn't include the  snow that blew off the table in the wind Thursday and Friday.

I spent a few hours shoveling the drive and the sidewalks (yet again) this afternoon. L proclaimed that I would be sore tomorrow when we spoke on the phone - we'll have to see. It was a very wet and heavy snow and has continued to flurry this evening, so we have gotten another inch or two since 4pm. Molly is truly enjoying it. She sprints out and buries herself in the snow and then pops out to try and scare me. She also loves to eat snow - I wonder if that is the doggie equivalent of human iced drinks?

Time to get on with the fun and games.


  1. It looks lovely. I know looks can be deceiving, but still....

  2. That's what my deck looks like. This winter is driving me crazy.

  3. Oh my goodness! I like how perfectly it's covering the table though :)


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