Monday, February 8, 2010

A Hard Days Night

Molly had a busy day today. We went out for our walk early in the afternoon so that football could be watched with concentration later. About four miles into the walk, we ran into my friend Bill. Shortly thereafter, we started being followed by a Samoyed that had a collar but no tags. Bill got a catch halter while Molly and I  talked to the Samoyed until Bill could put the halter on. Then we  called one of the animal control officers (who work for me in my position with the Humane Society). As Bill and I figured, the animal control officer recognized the dog and knew where it belonged. It apparently has a habit of roaming on its own. So Molly got the excitement of meeting a new friend and someone to share the doggy equivalent of the masonic handshake - the butt sniff. That kind of excitement just doesn't happen every day.

Molly and I finished our walk and then I got ready to go to the Super Bowl party. Along the way I talked to L in between interruptions by other calls. Molly decided to take a nap since I was ignoring her.  She was still napping when I got back after the game. Entertaining her new friend must have exhausted her.

As I was putting away the laundry, I noticed she was already sacked out in the master bedroom just waiting for me to come to bed. I hate to tell her it will be a while before that happens. What can you say to this:

Especially when Molly then flops down flat when I try to explain:

Guess she'll just have to get over it. It's either that or she was a Colts fan and can't face the final outcome of the game.


  1. Nooooo!!!! She's too sweet to be a Colts fan! Hehehe. GEAUX SAINTS!! They are schedule for a "Special Parade" - a SAINTS Parade this Tuesday. It's going to be absolute MADNESS!!!! As it is, a lot of business (including banks, Lol) are closed today and tomorrow - a lot of companies are closing at 3pm, so that they can go to the Saints Parade. This is an awesome Mardi Gras... it's a Saints Gras! (And Mardi Gras isn't until NEXT week. LOL)

  2. For dog owners there are no days off--Super Bowl or not. Glad the escapee dog made it home ok.

  3. She just really, really, really was tired!


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