Monday, February 1, 2010

Do You ....

Do you have people who read your blog but then comment via snail mail (the USPS kind)? I do.

It never fails to crack me up when I get a snail mail commenting on the blog. Why spend $$$ to mail off a comment when you could simply type one in online? Or email me directly through the published email address? I understand the local readers who either call me on the phone or stop me on the street to comment on the blog - they feel it is more personal and polite to comment directly. I can understand the additional sense of connection that comes from the face-to-face or mouth-to-ear interactions. But to mail off an epistle about a blog post seems to me to be a bit odd.

So far most of the snail mails have come from people I know because we went to school together close to 40 years ago. It isn't like they aren't computer literate; they are. It isn't like they don't occasionally send an email; they do. So why the snail mail epistles? I'm hoping one of them will choose to answer, be it via snail mail or email or blog comment or ....

It is pretty funny in a way. I read other bloggers complaining that their friends don't read their blog, their family doesn't read their blog, etc. I have a different problem, a number of people who read my blog but don't comment in the standard ways. I've decided to treat it as an honor to me that they have found a channel to convey their comments to me - what more could an itinerant scribbler hope for?

What's your comment oddity of the moment?


  1. Wow, really? I never imagined someone commenting via snail mail.

  2. Maybe they are just keeping the art of letter writing alive....

  3. Wait, maybe the people sending the comments via snail mail have relatives working for the USPS and want to ensure them job security.

    Who says your brain shuts off after 18+ months of unemployment??

  4. Now I have never heard of that. I am thinking your writing must really reasonate with others--only in a good way I am sure.

    My only oddity relates to a blog more than a comment. A guy sent me an email (to the address I use exclusively with the blog) placing an order for 400 traffic cones and wanted specs and costing info. I thought it must have been spam that slipped though the filter, but I wasn't able to find another similar spam message in Google--and now have no idea what he is talking about.

    It still may be spam or it may simply mean that I should go into the traffic and road supplies business.

  5. I don't have an oddities where comments are concerned other than they are few and far between. I have many, many lurkers though. I would love to know...what the heck is the deal??? If you're going to come and visit and read every day, why in the world won't they take an extra few seconds and make a damn comment?!

  6. I've never had a comment via snail mail...of course I don't publish my address much less the town I live in. I am too concerned with the safety of myself and my children.

  7. snail mail comments that's the wierdest thing I've ever heard, especially as they probably arrive a fortnight after the blog post they're commenting on. I attract a surprisingly low level of lunatics - when I started blogging I had hoped to attract a wide variety of psychos and stalkers but I tend to just attract mums looking for a bit of a laugh and the odd perv who emails me telling me he is masturbating over me to which I now say 'that's great, if it makes you feel better how about paying $5 per wank in my paypal account' honestly some people!! lol

  8. Wow, that's new to me. I never had that happen. Sometimes I'll get a little bit of a "psycho" comment. Makes me wonder who is out there...


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