Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let It Snow, ...

It has been snowing since early this morning and has picked up a bit this evening. I thought it was about through snowing and shoveled the walk and drive before I headed over to mom's for supper (and to fix her phone and computer). During the few hours I was there, my truck got covered with another 3-4 inches of snow and it is coming down. Of course, the under sheeting of ice from Thursday is still in place and it is like ice skating on invisible ice in places.

All of which brought the Olympics and Curling to my mind. There is something magical about watching one of the curlers skate on one foot down the ice. So now I am ready to become a curler - I can skate down my driveway on one foot sweeping with a snow shovel. Or at least waving my snow shovel.

In preparation for some Olympic snow shoveling in the morning, I bring you some other sports for guys my age from a belated birthday card:


  1. Those cartoons are just too funny!

  2. LOL I love the bathroom dash! I can't believe how much snow you're getting!

  3. Haha- love the cartoons. I think you outta attach a video camera to your head and tape yourself curling down the sidewalk. And of course post it on here for all of us to enjoy.


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