Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Better Off Without It

Time once more for the wonders of Mama Kat's Writer's Challenge. This week I take on the topic of:
1.) 10 Reasons why you’re better off without him….or her….or it.

My reasons why I am better off without it:
  • It is slow.
  • It is old.
  • It generates enough heat in operation to warm the whole house.
  • It generates more noise than a jet idling by your ear.
  • It uses proprietary accessories.
  • It is "No longer supported" hardware.
  • It is "No longer supported" software.
  • The optical drive is broken.
  • The built in Ethernet is broken.
  • It burns more electricity per year than the cost of a modern replacement.
  • It weighs more than 150 lbs.

Have you figured out what it is? It is my old domain backup system manufactured by the no longer extant Sun Microsystems. It was top of the line back in the late 90's when I acquired it, but today its job can be done faster by a cheap Intel box. The only bad thing is that the beast has been reliable as heck. For the last 11 years it has had less than 10 minutes of unplanned downtime. Its replacement box averages that much downtime per month.

So long old friend.


  1. Yikes, I'd say you are better off without it as well! Reminds me of my old computer, that thing was held together with a pen and a rubberband!

  2. It looks clunky, too. I don't have one of those so I'm sure you won't miss it too much! Nice writing--very clever! I guessed it had to be some kind of old technology equipment.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I haven't seen one of those in AGES! : ) Hope your transition to the new technology goes well Dan.

  4. wow, yea way better off without it!

  5. I have a computer I've had for 10 years now. Even though it is extremely slow it still seems to work. I don't even want to think about how you are going to upgrade.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. see, i'd have a hard time parting with reliability too. but ... you've got (did i count) 11 good reasons to part ways.

  7. LOL I can't believe you still have it

  8. technology...oh what a double edged sword you are! Nice read.

  9. I have 3 of those monsters in my home. How the heck do you dispose of them?

  10. Is it wrong that I got to "it's slow" and figured it was a computer or something like? Be grateful -- my not even three year old work laptop takes 17 minutes to start up, and yes, I've timed it. Whee, I love technology.


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