Saturday, February 20, 2010

Belated Friday Rant and Rave

Due to the press of real work and getting material ready and packed for the precinct caucuses, I fell behind once more. So here is a belated Friday Rant and Rave for your perusal and edification.

Rant - the weather Thursday. After raining most of the afternoon, around 5pm the mercury began falling and the rain turned to snow. Of course, all the earlier moisture on the ground froze into to sheet ice underneath the new snow. It made the journey to deliver the precinct materials an adventure. Nothing is more awe inspiring that watching the semi beside you passing you while sliding with all wheels locked. It was slicker than snail snot for a while.

Rant - the utter confusion at the central committee meeting as they tried to go over the precinct captain instructions. Why someone doesn't make the by-laws and rules more uniform so that there could be a simple set of printed instructions I do not know. Oh wait, I take that back - if that happened there would be less room for back door politics.

Rave - the nice clean snow covering all the brown grass. After weeks of dry and relative warmth, it is good to get snow and more normal temperatures.

Rave - three security fixes for programs I often use released on the same day.

Rant - three security fixes for programs I often use released on the same day.

Huh? Moment - Why does Molly like to sit in the snow? She will use her nose and paws to create a snow hill in the yard, then climb up on the hill and sit, surveying her domain. When you call her to come in, she will disdainfully turn her head, give you the doggy eye, and radiate the "Why would I want to leave my throne to go in where it is warm?" vibe. I suspect she is waiting for this friend to come over and join her.
Maybe it is just innate to Border Collies?


  1. Maybe it is a border collie thing. My parents had a border collie for a little over 20 years that always dug with his nose and made huge piles to lay in. Of course it was dirt being in Texas but basically it's the same deal :)

  2. When we had snow that one day (it doesn't know in Texas often) our dog thought it was the best thing in the world and did nothing but run around, roll, and play in it as often as he could. And no, he is not a border collie.

  3. Huh? You are actually happy it snowed? Are you feeling OK?

  4. I have seen other dogs do that in snow as well.

    It was not a trick for our old friend--she would just liked to stick her face in the snow, snort several times, and run crazy in the yard.


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