Monday, March 1, 2010

Luck Prevails

Do you ever feel like you are just too lucky at times?

I follow a couple of sci-fi and fantasy publishing house blogs. From that simple act  follows the corollary that there are book giveaways from time to time. I would normally assume that the chances were slim-to-none of me winning any given contest. But ... in the last several months I have been fortunate enough to win Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb (In hard copy along with a really cute pocket dragon broach that I gave to L.), Royal Exile and Tyrant's Blood by Fiona McIntosh, and Wilderness by Dennis Danvers.

Then this morning I saw a chance to get a galley copy to review of BRAINS by Robin Becker. So I fired off an email and by this evening found out that the galley copy will be here soon. It feels a bit like a visit to Disneyland when you are a kid - all your wishes coming true. This is especially a living dream for a Science Fiction and Fantasy aficionado like me. Given that I already have a library of hundreds of volumes of the genre, there is nothing better than getting new books from authors old and new to read. I keep waiting for someone to come along and pinch me so I wake up.

Now if only I could find a few detective fiction publishing house blogs to follow and have similar luck with them. My reading worries would be over!


  1. Congrats on the winning. I have been fortunate the past few months as well in keeping the shelves here stocked.

  2. I need to find these publishers with all the giveaways! Not that I'd win, I never have any luck. The only way I win things is if I'm the only person in the running for it, and even then it's iffy!

  3. Wow, very cool! I've won a few books and I love it!

  4. Very fun and congratulations!

    I have a stack of books I want to get through and unfortunately, none are detective fiction. If they were, I pay it forward and send to you.

    I don't think I'll ever be an electronic reader and love when I can recycle a book I enjoyed with someone else.


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