Monday, March 8, 2010


Bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth. Go ahead, admit it.
And I wasn't even staying here!

My question for the day is: Do you ever feel jealous of people with certain talents? I do.

I cannot listen to anyone who can sing with feeling a sense of jealousy, no matter how moving the music might be. I suspect that the jealousy comes from the fact that I am and have always been a poor singer. Bad enough that the Son and L banned me from singing in the house, even in the shower. It could be because I have an absolutely atrocious sense of pitch, it could be because I am tone deaf, it might even be because I never can remember lyrics. (Which is strange since I can remember whole books close to word for word.) In any case, I feel envy and jealousy when i hear a great singer or choral group.

Another group that I envy and feel jealous of are proto-gymnasts. You know, those absolutely flexible and lithe little people who always look graceful, even if they are tripping down a flight of stairs. Given that I was 6'4" and 250 lbs. by seventh grade, it is safe to say that I never went through a stage of being tiny, nor lithe, nor graceful. The phrase big-galoot comes to mind. So whenever I see a proto-gymnast, I envy them and am jealous. Primarily because I wonder what it would be like to go through life not tripping over things and never running into door ways and walls, not having to consciously maneuver through a crowd so as not to crush someone. The world must seem like a very different place to those lithe little people.

So who or what skills do you feel jealous of?


  1. My artistic ability consists of drawing stick figures--anyone that can paint or sketch is the target of my envy.

  2. While I consider myself an artist, I can't draw for squat. I can somewhat draw something if it's sitting right in front of me, but all of the fantasy things like dragons and fairies I can't even come close! And people, I can make some portraits that look similar to the elephant man! Therefore, I stick to photography, it still requires artistic vision, but no drawing ability needed!

  3. Honestly? I'm envious of women with families. I would love to have children, but that's not something in my deck of cards, I suppose. I'm Ok with it, but you did ask.

    And as for singing, hehe.. I can't sing either. Greg teases me about it constantly, so I don't sing around him. But I love music :)

  4. Wow 6'4" in 7th grade? You must have felt like a giant. How tall are you now?

    I am jealous of beautiful singing voices too. Oh and skinny people. Major jealousy over them.

  5. Gee, there are so many talents I lack that I admire in others: singing, painting, dancing, playing musical instruments; the list goes on forever. I'm not sure the feeling is jealousy however just admiration for things I can't do.

  6. I say I'm jealous a lot but really I'm not..I am in awe of people who can do great things :)

  7. Ha! I don't know where to start. As happy as I am with myself and with my life, there are so many people and situations that give me a twinge and make me wish I could just change that *little* thing.... Fortunately, I cna live with it ;)

  8. Dan,

    It's funny I should read this post today since having come from Mama Kat's post about wanting to sing.

    I shall copy and paste my comment here for you, because I think it applies beautifully...

    "I ALWAYS wanted to sing.

    In my mind, I had a great voice, soaring highs, breathy lows. I used to sing along at top volume to anything I could. Until one day, one of my friends TAPED me, and played it back…

    There was this warbling-bleating sound that could only have been coming from a constipated walrus. Surely that was not me? But alas, to my utter humiliation, it was. I never sang in front of anyone again.

    My daughter, in a fine twist of fate, has the voice of an angel, and has sung at many community events. I now live my dream vicariously through her."


You know you want to ... so just do it!!!

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