Friday, March 19, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs ...

I've been tied up with construction and permitting and planning and ... for the new humane society facility, so I have missed a few bloggy sessions. In the course of some of the meetings, my collegues and enemies couldn't resist sharing a few funnies, so now I get to return the favor to you.

First up is this classic exercise of dog naming:
Of course I thought the cartoon was hilarious - don't you?

Then as we got down to nuts and bolts and the contest to name the facility once we finish construction, this funny made an appearance:
It explained so many things. How could I have missed it?

On the weather front, morning looks to be interesting and sloppily wet. After hitting the upper 60s the last few days, the wind is blowing from the north and it is not supposed to get above freezing tomorrow (today) and snow between 7" and a foot.

Time to meander off to bed.


  1. I LOVE the first cartoon and am hoping your weather stays where it is.

  2. Funny stuff. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Both those cartoons were funny Dan :) Stay warm & dry!

  4. Ha!! That second one is great!!!

  5. Oh those were great. I love animal humor. Our shift supervisor on Tuesdays used to bring in the good jokes/comics every once in awhile, and we loved them. Yet another reason to miss not being at the shelter anymore!

    Oh, and ummm good luck with the weather. I think it's headed our way, and I'm playing ostrich.

  6. Oh, enjoy the snow! Hahahahahaha


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