Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday

A dreary day today, especially as L departed back to the mountains this morning. Not only is Molly dog laying around looking like the world has ended, it was drear and overcast until this afternoon when the sun peaked out. I love the oddity of the weather at this time of year. Saturday was warm (60's) and sunny, Sunday was overcast and cool (30's). Forecast is for Thursday to hit 70 followed by snow and cold on Friday. Must be March in Colorado.

Tomorrow is precinct caucus day here. That assures entertainment for the evening as I attend my local precinct caucus meeting. The caucii (which sounds better that caucuses even if wrong) don't have a huge impact on local office seekers like me. The caucuses feed into the county caucus which does little beyond determining ballot listing order for the primary ballot for local offices. So all the effort and dirty work and fund raising and ... come up in June and July. Looks to be fun.
(For those who don't remember, I threw my hat into the ring for the office of county commissioner a while back. It is my first foray into partisan politics. Non-partisan political offices like mayor just require the signature of 50 voters and then waiting for the election. It's a bit different once the donkey and elephant get involved.)

Back to preparing documents for a Thursday meeting related to construction of our new facility (for my day job as executive director of the humane society). I'll leave you with a quip I heard on during a conference call today:
Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
Can you tell I've been talking to construction contractors?


  1. So what are you - donkey or elephant? Around here if you said you were a donkey you couldn't get elected dog catcher even if you carried an AK-47 as a sidearm and were closely related to Ronald Reagan.

  2. I'm curious too. What party are you? I'm an independent so I vote the person and have been known to split my ballot.

    Btw, the friendship comment, was hysterical. I've never heard that one.

  3. Hope L comes home soon and Molly cheers up. Love the friend quote :)

  4. I prefer cauci myself. I also say Santa Cli. :)

    And yay for a new facility. The shelter I've volunteered at since college is still fundraising to build one (year 10? 11?) but oh so needed. And on the plus side, while at the book fair tonight, I convinced our treasurer to adopt an older cat tonight with good logic (you don't "make" a cat's personality, but if you adopt an older one you can really see what it's like and know you're getting what you want). Whoo!

  5. that was a funny take on friendship!nice blog!


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