Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ten Alternate Realities

Time once more for Mama Kat's Writer's Challenge. (Which I wouldn't miss in spite of my scarcity earlier in the week.)

This weeks topics:
1.) List of 10 things blogging has taught you.
2.) “Oh please make this a topic for Writer’s Workshop. Pick your favorite song and record your own personal bathroom concert series. I’ll totally do a concert series, I bet I could get my hubby or brother to join in. Now I just need a song… (inspired by Kerri from I’m Just Sayin)
3.) “Sometimes when it’s hard to see with the eyes I’ve been given, I strap on my camera and pray for new ones. I did that yesterday. It helped.” (inspired by Emily from Chatting At The Sky)
4.) “let he who hath no sin cast the first stone…” Is there anything you have judged prematurely, only to find yourself walking in the same shoes later? (inspired by Stephanie from This Blessed Life)
5.) List your top 10 “Spring Trends”. (inspired by Tricia from Desperately Seeking Silence)

#1 - Ten Things Blogging Has Taught Me
  • Bloggers come and go; rare is the 3+year blogger.
  • Newbies are always welcome.
  • A touch of graphical panache helps the words go down.
  • There is no predicting what will be popular with readers.
  • Taste is a individual thing.
  • Subject matter can compensate a lack of writing skill, at least temporarily.
  • Interesting blogs (to me) feature lives and interests disjunct from my own.
  • Blogging takes a back seat to life and work for most of us from time to time.
  • Blogging is addictive in the sense of feeling guilty when you haven't written for a few days.
  • Powerful blogs are emotionally raw and uncensored. The rest of us have to be amusing or erudite to make up for lack of raw.

#2 - Bathroom Concert

Given that I am not even allowed to sing in the shower here by myself, there is no chance of me singing and exposing the world. I want at least some people to remain amidst the living to read this blog. {*grin*}

#3 - Camera Eyes

My approach is a bit different. When I can't see with the eyes I have, I put on a new pair of eyes in my imagination and look at the world in a new light. I find that is usually very helpful. With a camera, you can only look at what is really there in a different way; with your imagination you can look at what isn't really there in a way that illuminates what is really there in a different way. One might say that they are two different means to reaching the same end - a different way of seeing reality.

#4 - Getting Stoned

I don't know if I have ever cast the first stone and then been stoned myself, but I have certainly had moments of utter non-understanding and cluelessness towards others. There is one judgment that lingers powerfully; friends and I have discussed it several times over the years.

When we were young, we often thought of some of our classmates/friends as weird, wild, flighty, or just plain out there. This judgment was often made without much deep thought or attempts at understanding. Now more than 40 years later and with additional information in hand, we realize that many times they had home and life situations that made them the way they were.

Somehow you always assume that everyone has a life like yours, free of abuse and exploitation. Unfortunately, that isn't always true. I doubt that it would have changed anything, but I rue making those judgments and not being able to spot the underlying problem. Even one understanding friend could have made all the difference in dealing with the problem they faced. It might have kept those who took their own lives amidst the living.

At least there is hope that it *is* getting better.

#5 - Spring Trends

Fashion advice? From me? I don't think so.


  1. Numbers 1 and 3 really ring true with me. "Taste is an individual thing." So true. As sometimes is that lack of taste is collective.

    I didn't mention this on my list (neither did you, but it came to me so I'm just gonna say it here) but I'm a loyal reader once I find a good blog. Occasionally I run across a blog I feel is in bad taste, but for the most part bloggers seem real and really funny. Blog world is good because you can censor yourself before you post something that you shouldn't. Unlike parties. *ahem*

  2. I just discovered something new about blogging -- I'm learning that there are bloggers swiping other people's entries and posting as their own. This makes me sad.

    The fashion picture is a riot. I can't believe you found this.

    About #4, I grew up in the 70's and my best friend in 2nd grade had a stepdad that drank and beat her. She moved several years later and we kept in contact (1 or 2 x per year) -- we drifted because she ran in the wrong crowd and did drugs to mask the pain. Very sad.

  3. And I had I hopes for fashion tips with this blog... I have noticed that bloggers seem to come and go. It can be draining, but certainly rewarding.

  4. Little Ms Blogger, are you serious? I hadn't seen that before.

    Love the fashion picture, and your thoughts about judging without knowing someone's homelife. It really is so easy to assume that people come from similar backgrounds.

    I prefer blogs written by people who are different than me too. Living vicariously through them or something...

  5. I love the bowling butt pic. It made me laugh. You blog is always high on my list of must reads.

  6. Great post Dan. My favorite parts were the 10, the butt pic and the title of #4...I forgot what the prompt was by that point and thought you were getting all bad on me lol

  7. Subject matter can compensate a lack of writing skill, at least temporarily. ... that is good! As for the spring trends- God I hope my daughter's don't see that ;-) Following you now- stop by my place when you can!

  8. You are so right about blogs that are raw. My problem is that sometimes I lose my funny and then what? Where does that leave me?

    Your camera eyes are profoundly deep. Also to deep for my shallow brain to understand.

    The getting stoned advice is one of those things that you wish had been taught when you were growing up. But at the same time, would I as a youth have understood and put that advice into practice?


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