Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things Not To Do

It's time once more for

Last night I attended a candidate forum for the city council races. I probably should not have done so since I heard at least one candidate tell a lie, another expose their ignorance of science and facts, and yet another state projected actions in direct violation of the city charter. It was hard to sit still and not stand up and play the anti-stupid card. Thus I bring you:

Five Reasons Not To Attend A Candidate Forum As You Leave Office

  • Candidates may expose their lack of knowledge in painful ways.
  • There is a strong temptation to stand up and ask the candidates to stop telling lies.
  • There is a desire to insist they actually attend a council meeting and/or read the public engineering reports before making really stupid statements.
  • The idiot in the audience unable to comprehend any answer in any form. He/she will still waste the time of the entire audience by asking the exact same question 40 times before being escorted from the room by their nurse.
  • Realizing that some candidates you thought might be capable lack even a basic understanding of the form of government spelled out by the city charter.


  1. "Candidates may expose their lack of knowledge in painful ways"

    This one had me shaking my head and laughing at the same time. Sad but true.

  2. did the nurse thing really happen??? really???

  3. Oh no! Stay away from the next one- far far away!

  4. Did you have tape over your mouth?


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