Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unsettled Tuesday

Today was full of ifs, buts, and maybes. And it must not have just been here that it was that way. How do I know?

First off, all morning and most of the afternoon, my iGoogle home page looked like it had been redesigned by a crazed color blind Tibetan monk. No info, no listing of my RSS feeds (all those lovely blog posts - ignored), no news, no anything like normal. Only a lonely search box begging forlornly for me to type at it. Worst of all, the problem seemed to be mainly affecting Firefox. Opera looked almost normal. Of course my internal ordering of browsers runs Firefox, Opera, and finally if life is nearing an end, Internet Explorer. So I was just one step away from the universe as I know and love it coming to an end.

I might have figured it was just me and my machines, but then on the Google developer forums there were confirmatory messages mentioning the same problems. So it must have been either Mozilla or Google having a bad day. Now this evening, all is back to normal and I am so happy to return to the news of Balloon Boy and all the coulda-shoulda-wanna-be sports stories written by the mid-week wound licking losers. (Anyone else notice how the Google news feeds seem to have a real emphasis on the negative slanted stories? Why is that? Have they joined the Fox News Network and I just didn't notice?)

Then to add insult to injury, it was overcast and dark here all day. The sun seemed to run off and hide, afraid that the brown and gold and orange colors of fall just weren't enough. It looked like a snow storm was eminent all day long. By late afternoon is was misting - you know, the billions of wanna-be snow flakes unable to make it in the real world and falling to the earth like a living fog bank. So it was damp and cool and breezy and dark all day. Weather ultimately conductive to lifting the spirit and making one happy to be alive - *not*. It was bad enough that by noon the normally chipper Molly had retreated to her bed and wasn't going to pull her nose out from under her paws for anything short of Armageddon.

It seems that the gloom of the day must have infected others. Every call I got today had a note of gloom and doom and rant and rave in it. I can't wait for the weather to turn sunny again.

Oh well, I have beans soaking to make soup tomorrow and Molly has decided she should come to life. So I leave you with Molly and the chew toy of death. Let the battle begin!


  1. Wow- hope this day was an omen of things to come!

  2. Thanks, I needed that picture. Smiling always helps to brighten a day and you did that for me!

  3. a crazed color blind Tibetan monk? I love this...

  4. I can't wait to repeat that line to my husband: all the coulda-shoulda-wanna-be sports stories written by the mid-week wound licking losers. Brilliant choice of words.

  5. Hi Dan, I had to stop by your blog again after I read the response you left on my blog today. Wow. I was fascinated. I do hope you blog more about your experiences. It's a part of society that we don't understand and need to.

  6. I don't like days like that at all but Molly would certainly be a pick-me-up for your spirits!


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