Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Busy Tuesday

I just got done doing a quick crossword puzzle to unwind after a long day and I figured you would enjoy the lead off word of the day: vapid - meaning uninspired. Think there might be a resemblance between the word and I?

First, for those of you who could not guess the answer to yesterday's question of the day. Bob Dylan composed "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" for the movie film Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid in 1973. As I responded to one commenter, the acoustic version from the movie bears only a passing resemblance to the Guns N' Roses cover I used.

Today was a busy day. It started with a coffee meeting downtown to pull a surprise on the benefactor who has donated parks, the water park, and the cancer center to this town. In general, he and his wife have not allowed us to name anything after them or even acknowledge their gifts. I had to jump through hoops just to get them to let us put up a 2" x 5" plaque on the the fence around the water park acknowledging them. A group of us finally came up with a way to acknowledge them that we hoped they would find acceptable and amusing.

Last week we made up a fake street sign, put it up over the real street sign at the corner of a donated park and across the street from the donated water park. Then we took a photo and arranged to have coffee with the benefactor this morning. I'm sure he thought we going to hit him up for a gift. {*grin*} Instead we talked and visited and then sprang this picture on him.

Since the picture is small and poor quality (I had to scan a printed page), here is what the sign we are pointing to said:
Walsh Parkway

in honor of Frank and Gloria Walsh who have literally given millions to this community.

Frank was both touched and amused at our presentation. He and Gloria agreed we could rename West Elm Street to Walsh Parkway. So in a few weeks, the sign(s) will be real. It's the small ways of saying thank you to the unassuming nice people like Frank and Gloria that has made this job rewarding.

This afternoon I was the speaker at the Humanities Club to talk about the water issue on the ballot for just about the last time. (The mail ballots are being sent out by Friday and this is a mail only election this year.) Thursday at the Board of Realtors meeting will be the last speaking engagement on the topic.

I followed that with the city council meeting tonight. The city budget was presented and the public hearing scheduled two weeks hence. One of the last things I will do as mayor is guide next year's budget to adoption. Only two more "regular" council meetings left and I'm out of office.

Well, time to get my notes together for the radio show in the morning. 6am comes early.


  1. I'm exhausted.
    I was before I read this, but now I'm ready for bed.
    I admire anyone who can keep up the mental pace to do this work. Well done.

  2. I bet you're happy this is your last 'water' speech.

    I love the sign and have to admit, I saw the pic first and thought, why does he have a picture of some men pointing to a sign? Is he showing that grown men play Simon Says?

    After I read the words associated with the picture, I think it is a beautiful gesture the town came up with.

    Btw, thanks for the answer. I would have never gotten it.

  3. Busy guy!! What a beautiful gesture to honor a couple who have given so much to your community! God will bless them in many ways! Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Jennifer

  4. Kudos to them for doing so much for the community and not wanting to have anything in their name. That says a lot about them. And I think it was incredibly sweet of ya'll to find a way to say "Thank You"! I think the street sign was great!

  5. Wow- it is not often you find people who are so willing to give of themselves physically, emotionally, financially, and humbly. Sounds like you have just that in your community.


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