Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Quickie

Today the sun appeared for at least part of the day. then this afternoon it clouded up and drizzled and rained. I had originally planned on walking to the Boy Scout committee meeting this evening, but the cold wet drizzle convinced me not to. Maybe if my rain coat didn't leak around its neck, but with the leaky neck it can be downright miserable to walk in cold rain. (And yes, yet another hat I wear is as treasurer of the troop committee for scouts.)

One of the side topics in the meeting was how long before the flu has finished its swath through the local schools. The hope was expressed that the kids would have been through the exposure and illness cycle by the end of the month when another camp out scheduled. The numbers seem to work out with the reported absence rate in the schools, so maybe our guess will be reasonable. Is the flu running through your schools yet?

My evenings for the next few days are pretty well taken up. Wednesday has the EMS Authority committee meeting, Thursday it is time to be the guest lecturer for a public speaking class. Friday morning has the Physicians recruitment committee meeting to do the dog and pony show for a new physician we hope to recruit for the medical center. At least I get breakfast for attending that meeting! There would also have been a special city council meeting thrown in there as well, but the consultant doing the study will not have the information ready for presentation this week.

In a lighter vein, Molly has been developing distinct patterns of dealing with wet. If she gets to the door, all excited to go out, and it is pouring rain, she thinks it is great and sprints out to get soaked and track mud throughout the house when she comes back in. But, if it is just misting or drizzling, she will sprint out the door, come to a screeching halt, look to see if the door is still open, and then run like mad back into the house. Explain that one to me if you can. It used to be just the reverse little more than a year ago.

Time to call it a night. Don't do anything I wouldn't.


  1. I'm picturing Molly sprinting back through the house. Funny. One of my kids will love to play in a downpour. When there is a mist, he'll complain that he "feels wet". Who can figure?

    Have a great week!

  2. Fortunately, we haven't had the flu sweep through the school yet. I hope it can hold off until they give out the free swine flu vaccines!


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