Saturday, October 10, 2009


Last night, as the temperature dropped, that strange wet and white stuff magically appeared. By morning it was a winter wonderland.

This is the view out the back door from my workbench:

This is the view looking across the little patio:

Last, but not least, this is the view out the front door towards the driveway (which you might note I hadn't shoveled yet):

It had warmed up to a blazing 25 degrees by noon today. Will the Rockies game in Denver (about 125 miles further west and 900 feet higher elevation) be played today? Do many baseball teams have a snow removal plan? Inquiring minds want to know. Of course, I also wonder how long it will take the weeping willow to drop its leaves now that it has frozen hard.

After shoveling a few walks and driveways, I feel perfectly content to watch a college football game. The only question is which one. So as I make my decision, I leave you with the following:
What did it look like in your yard today?


  1. NO! NO! NO! I refuse to think about snow before Halloween!!!

  2. Brrrrrr! I h*te this global warming! And how it shorted my summer. :o(

    Which college football game did you decide to watch? I'm watching Alabama vs Ole Miss now... can't WAIT for the Floride vs LSU tonight! w00t!

  3. Are we ready for snow? It does look beautiful.

  4. That is gorgeous. I live in an area that hasn't had snow for more than 20 years. And that year was an anomaly. My backyard looked muddy today. We've had lots of rain lately- another anomaly actually.

  5. just visiting your blog; loved the pictures of the October snow; we lived in Montana for 8 years and I always liked the first snow of the season and the last snow of the season (LOL); always fun to see the first of it, but always glad to see the last of it

    we toured Coors Field years ago; they had heating coils under the field, if I remember correctly, that would help melt the snow if it hit too early in the season or before the season ended

    and in my yard it was sunny and about 80 degrees, but that is Southern California for you :)


  6. I would totally cry too. Snow it October? Blech!

  7. It sure didn't look like that! We don't have snow yet and I am so glad!

  8. *gasp* WOW *eyes huge* I LOVE SNOW! I wish it would snow in New Orleans. LUCKY YOU! Those look like postcard moments. *sigh* I SO want to see snow! Can you box some up and ship it to me, fast? Lol. We're green, green, evergreens all around. Still in the upper 80's, flowers and such. BUT - this weekend we're supposed to get down to the 70's - WOOT! Still waiting for our "summer lite" season. I think you call it Winter??

  9. That is just amazing. I know I'm coming off totally naive, but I didn't know it could be cold enough in October for snow. But it's beautiful!


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