Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Send-Off

It's time once more for

This evening was the Colorado Municipal League (CML) District 1 meeting, hosted by the city up the road. I am the current president, so I was obligated to brave the wind and attend. Since I am also term limited out of office as mayor in November, it also means I will no longer be a CML member and so needed to find my replacement as president and hold the election *NOW*. I couldn't get even with the mayor of the city up the road who railroaded me into this office (as described here) because he is also term limited out this year. Sam Mamet, the executive director of the CML attended and gave Jack (the mayor of the town up the road) and I a very heartfelt and lauditory send-off. That was really nice of Sam. He even stopped crowing about the Rockies clinching a berth in the play-offs today. But that didn't stop Sam from waving his Rocky rally towel all night. In honor of the send-off and my final CML meeting, tonight I give you:

Five Reactions By Officials From Other Municipalities To The End of My Term(s)
  • Gosh, it's been *that* long!
  • Boy, I wish I  my term was already over. Our elections are in April and I can't wait!
  • Did you find any candidates to run for your office?
  • Are you going to miss it?
  • Were you serious that 3 of the 7 on your council are term limited off this November and a 4th is running to retain her seat? And if the election goes the way you think, it will happen again in 2 years? How do you get any stability? Why haven't the voters removed the term limits?


  1. Congrats and enjoy your new found freedom!

  2. Congrats and know that you did a great job! It must feel nice to be "free" :) Enjoy!

  3. I'm in agreement...Congratulations! I hope you'll find something fun to do with your lovely wife.

  4. Personally I think term limits are a good idea. There are some board members out here who have been on the board over 30 years.

  5. I bet you can't wait for freedom!!


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