Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Day That Wasn't

It was a dull and dreary day here today. In a rarity for the region, it was cloudy and overcast all day, making it look like it was twilight even at noon. It finally even broke down and drizzled a little late in the day. So of course, the thermometer hung at a lowly 42 all day and didn't get energized at all. A perfect day to watch football on TV and take a walk in the dark breeze.

Molly thought it was dreary as well - after getting up this morning when I did, she quickly snuck back into the master bedroom and curled up in the corner to sleep for another few hours. Seeing her curled up there brought to mind one of the questions I have been pondering: Do dogs tell time by the amount of light? I suspect that dogs do indeed tell time by degree of lightness. As evidence, consider the following. I normally give Molly her doggie treat at around 8pm. All summer was not a problem and Molly was very good at knowing the right time to appear with baited breath. Now as it is been getting dark earlier and earlier, Molly has begun nudging me when it is about the same degree of darkness as 8 in the summer (meaning as early as 5:45 now). Then she repairs to the laundry room and sits and stares at the cabinet with the treats. Every time I tell her "No, it is too early.", she goes and lays down for 15 minutes and then repeats the process. Finally, when it reaches 8pm or I get tired of the game (which ever comes first) I give her her treat and literally make her day. It will be interesting to see if the process reverses itself when spring rolls around.

At least the Broncos won today. I was about to give up after the first half when it looked like the Broncos were clueless. But the second half was a much better game and I was glad I watched. I tend not to be a rabid rooter for any one team, but instead applaud the team that is playing really good football. That goes for college as well as pro games. I tend to like college football a bit more since there is more uncertainty and the level of play depends greatly on the motivational skills of the coach with all the hormones floating around at that age. Enough ranting about that.

It is time to clean up the kitchen since I cooked egg plant tonight and made a bit of a mess. It was an interesting meal - salad, egg plant sliced and dipped in egg and seasoned breading and then fried, and some plain steamed brown rice. It was tasty, but I wasn't motivated to get it all cleaned up earlier, so now I need to get to it so I can head for the bed.


  1. Hmmm...interesting question about the dogs and time. Never thought about it, but I bet they do.

  2. Good point about dogs. Maybe you should Google it. 'Cause we all know Google knows EVERYTHING!

  3. Huh! That is interesting about dogs and daylight. I'll have to keep a closer eye on Pebbles and see her reaction. It does seem as though she wants to have supper a lot earlier than when we used to feed her.

    Greg and I are football fans. Well, I'm a newbie to it, but now I love it. LSU and Saints - all the way! Lol.

  4. I'm not sure about that dog thing. You'll have to let us know.


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