Saturday, October 3, 2009

Proof I Have No Life ...

or perhaps just a really boring one. Yesterday mom and I picked the squash and peppers and tomatoes in preparation for the freeze last night. Nothing like a shed full of various squash and onions to say Fall Is Here. Mom's house is stuffed to the gills with tomatoes and peppers and onions.

When I got home, after stopping to get some materials from the fire chief, I went for all the excitement I could stand and took down the curtains in my office to wash them. The coming of the freeze also generally signals the end of the open window season, so it is time to get all the summer dust out of them. Besides, a couple of the plastic carriers in the drapery rod suffered sun death this summer, so it was a good time to replace them as well. One of the hazards of a south facing window in an area that gets 335+ days of sunshine every year is the sun death of certain plastic objects. Thus I spent my Friday night doing laundry and re-hanging curtains. Sounds like a real hot night doesn't it? Just Molly the dog and me listening to sixties music and doing housework.

L and the Son are in the mountains in the final throes of moving. They moved to a town about 15 miles closer to where they both work, so winter may not involve quite such a hairy commute. In any case, it means L won't be home this weekend and wasn't last weekend in preparation for the move. Makes the old homestead seem rather empty for the nonce. L and the Son actually moved Thursday/Friday, but when I spoke to L earlier today, they were still unpacking and searching for things. I suspect that they will both spend tonight collapsed on the couch watching the Rockies game.

Today I made spaghetti sauce. Nothing like the smell of Italian sausage, tomatoes, peppers, and onions all simmering away for hours with some oregano and basil , etc. But the real secret is a touch of brown sugar added in the final few hours of simmer. Needless to say, I had spaghetti for supper and then froze the rest of the sauce for fast microwave dinners later on. By the time the spaghetti is cooked, the sauce can be defrosted and heated in the microwave and supper is ready. Given that I cut up some really hot peppers when I made the sauce, I have faith that no one will snitch it from the freezer. {*grin*}

As further proof that there is a distinct lack of excitement at the old abode, every football team I rooted for today either lost or is losing. Maybe tomorrow's Bronco game will be better. After all it can't be much worse than today. Back to rubbing the dog's head and seeing if Oklahoma can finally play some real football.


  1. Wow I'm jealous. Taking down blinds is more excitement than I could handle.

    Actually, I can't say much because this week, weather permitting, I'll be cleaning out garden beds.

  2. I know it doesn't sound exciting, but I'd love a night filled just that way!

  3. I'll play sixties music and you can bring Molly over then I will let you do my housework too! Doesn't that sound like fun!

  4. You should post the spaghetti sauce recipe! I love it hot but don't make it that way for the kiddos! Wimps!

  5. I am glad I read this today Dan because I really, REALLY need to take down our curtains and wash them and this reminded me of that : ) The good news is that I will not do it on a Friday night : ) I will do it tomorrow after work and a little more craziness to our week : )

    And the spaghetti sauce sounds SO good!

  6. Compared to my weekend, you've been living it up in high style!

  7. I'm curious as to what supplies you needed from the fire department...just a precaution for the sauce making???


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