Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Going Down

Tonight it was time to attend the annual 4-H awards banquet. I took my MIL as my guest and we had a good time, especially comparing notes to see it either of us could figure out why we thought we knew this person or that person. It is always interesting to see the kids who are doing the right stuff and working hard at it reaping the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Before the dinner, I spent much of the afternoon with my head in the innards of the partially disassembled clothes dryer isolating which part(s) needed to be replaced. Once the trouble shooting was done, it was time to order the parts so that maybe by next weekend I would have a working dryer.  (You might remember I reported on the issue when it was breaking news last weekend here.)

There is, of course, a corollary to the "fix the dryer" saga, and that is the "dry the clothes" saga. Tonight I washed a load and it was too dark to hang them outdoors, so I used my mad skillz and rigged an indoor clothesline in the family room.  So the view in the family room is a bit different for the nonce, looking like this:


Now I ask you, with my stupendous sock removal tool and now this indoor clothesline, is there any problem I can't tackle? The ceiling fans even supply the gentle breezes needed for fine drying! (Both mom and MIL offered the use of their dryers, but for one load late at night, it is easier to emulate Rube Goldberg.)

Time to head for bed; tomorrow is yet another day.


  1. What you need is some of the cloths pins used for hanging those cloths on the line.

  2. Did they drip all over the floor?

  3. a jack of all trades indeed. I have a slow leak in my kitchen ceiling can you come over and fix this before I regret not fixing it sooner? :)


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