Monday, November 2, 2009

Moody Monday

The weather here was weird today. Yesterday it was mid-60s and sunny, today it struggled to make 45 and appear anything but overcast, tomorrow it is supposed to be back to the mid-60s and sunny. What more could a person desire? That old aphorism that "if you don't like the weather in Colorado now, wait five minutes and see if you like that" is well illustrated this time of the year. It gave the day a definite palor of moodiness.

I had other things to get done this afternoon, but instead got hooked (thanks a lot Rich!) into a couple of meetings on economic development and the SBA. One of the things I have found is that so called "visioning" exercises and "how to save XYZ" sound and look the same year after year. That may be why the groups involved are usually either state funded or made up of college students from the business departments of the universities. Maybe I am just getting old and jaded.

I also had to sign some paperwork and take care of some other misc. business before rushing off to a late meeting with one of the poobahs of a certain political party. It is almost a certainty that I will be running for a partisan office next November after the meeting. Given that the primary is in late March, I am probably going to have to announce my candidacy and start acting like a candidate by early December (i.e. in 30 days or so). More later.

I also got more proof that this is a small town today. I got a call from a local fiber optic provider's offices "just to let me know that the utility locate service had been notified to come and mark the path for the new fiber strand to your house." Pretty standard, but the young lady continued on that she "just knew that Molly would be excited and she wanted to make sure that Molly was OK with it." Nothing like the people you do business with knowing the name of your pet and being concerned about them as well. I can guarantee that there isn't a single QWest (the local baby bell) representative that could even tell you my real name, let alone the name of my dog. Is it any wonder they are getting their lunch handed to them in this area?

Tomorrow I am honored with an opportunity to eat well. No rubber chicken or other such foods. One of the inmates from the speech class that I spoke on public speaking to was evidently much impressed. He chose me to be his invited guest at the culinary arts program's graduation / 5-star demonstration meal. Since the inmate-graduates only get one invite to give, it means that either the inmate has no family or friends capable of getting clearance into the prison or that I am displacing them. It will be interesting to see what the menu is. Given some of the events the program caters in the community, I already know they can make some pretty tasty food. But this is their chance to go all out and shine, so i expect it to be very interesting. I'd take pictures, but electronics and other such things are verboten inside the gates of the prison.

Time to get on with the duties of the evening - Molly wants her head rubbed *right now*.

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  1. I'm fascinated with this inmate lunch. What a wild concept for my mind to wrap around.


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