Monday, November 9, 2009

A Photo of Yore

I spent much of the day in internet and phone withdrawal as the new fiber optics running to the house were connected and hooked up. When everything is moving like that, you can expect to be down for a while, especially with special network demands. Since I couldn't leave while the guys were working away and in and out of the house, I had to find something to do that require no Google or other internet fodder. Thus you get to enjoy this little pictorial study. {*grin*}

Consider this well worn photo:

This photo has been in my pocket and wallet for more than 34 years. (Which you might spot by all the dings and water spots and the peeling layers on the edge.)  This is L and my engagement photo from long ago. I have carried it with me in my wallet, through multiple wallets, through all the ups and downs. When I close my eyes and think of L, this is the smiling young beauty I think of.

But enough about L and beauty, let's get down to brass tacks. You notice the pocket of the shirt on my chest? Did you spot the multiple writing utensils therein that were required even for an engagement photo by my scientist/engineer mindset? I have finally after all these years been able to occasionally forgo the multiple writing implements in the pocket in favor of a notebook, but I still suffer pangs of withdrawal when I pat my pocket and find it empty.

What ingrained habit have you tried to forgo? Have you succeeded?

Do you think that all those pristine digital pictures you are collecting now will age with the character of this lowly paper artifact of the mid 70's?

(No comments about all that black, curly hair that is now missing in places, gray colored, and rather limp! For the curious, all is now back up and running really nicely in the phone and internet world.)


  1. The pens crack me up! And since I'm perfect I don't carry anything that others would find unusual/funny/odd/weird....

  2. I love the picture! Has real character to it ;)

    I make it a habit to have a handful(out of hundreds of digi ones) of pictures printed out each month and put into a photo album. The kids love pouring over them all the time. I only started doing it a few years ago when we had only a few albums but realized they were sought after time and time again.

    I think it's sweet that you've kept it in your wallet after all this time.

  3. Old photos do have a charm, a character to them. I love how you carry that photo around all these years. You two make a nice couple then and now.

  4. Dan, I do not think my digital pictures will age with such grace and that saddens me. I also think that everyone should have a shoebox full of crappy pictures of them but alas they will now all be deleted and never laughed at again.

  5. I think you got the better of the deal. Nothing personal, you understand.

    A pen in the pocket is a must. And a small notebook that doubles as my short term memory.

  6. The multiple writing instruments crack me up.

    Wasn't it odd to not have access to your computer? I find it odd considering it's really only been the last decade I've become used to them.

  7. The pen in the pocket is hilarious!

    You look really happy there, Dan! It makes me smile.

  8. That is like my father. His front pocket is FULL of pens and random scraps of paper with hand jotted know in case of an emergency he has that note handy!! That pocket of his droops down to his belly!!


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