Thursday, November 5, 2009

Five Lines Overheard Tonight

Time once more for

Five Lines Overheard Tonight
  • Are you sure she isn't dead?
  • More brains?
  • The cream puffs and worms are really good!
  • More swamp water?
  • Can you pull that spear of fruit out of his head for me?
As you might have discerned, I was at the rescheduled chamber of commerce Halloween meet and greet that was prevented by last weeks blizzard. The local business hosting the event went to all the work of recreating the entire layout of Halloween food for us tonight. A great time was had my all.


  1. Out of context, those are really crazy!

  2. So funny. It's tough when you run out of swamp water :)

  3. I was hoping that were Halloween lines you overheard otherwise that is just creepy!! Too funny!


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