Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Meanderings

Today was the third straight day when it reached the 70s for a few hours in the afternoon after dipping below freezing each night. A bit warmer than normal seasonal weather, but a lot closer than the blizzard a week plus ago. Of course this niceness cannot last. The weather forecast has the highs dropping starting tomorrow and possible snow on Monday. We'll probably mosey on into the drear days of November with highs in the 40s and a lot of dull colorless gray as all the color finally dies away and the landscape takes on the sepia tones of winter. At least something close to normal in the weather this year.

My first question of the day: Is there a sudden rash of blogs shuttering the doors for good or deciding to shut down the current incarnation and maybe open a new one? I know that it is happening to a number of the blogs I follow/read. On the other hand, at least three blogs I follow are slowly returning to regularity after six or more months of drought. Are all these effects simply an artifact of my selection procedure? Do you see anything similar?

Next question of the day: Has "mommy blogging" started to lose lustre in the current economy? I ask because I seem to see fewer classic mommy blogs and more humor or diarist blogs in my network traversal. This is another one that could be related to my reading and following choices rather that any real trend. It could also be because the classic mommy blog is time consuming and labor intensive. So when there is a chance of either product or $$$ renumeration to compensate for the time and labor, it may be worth it. However, as the economy continues in the doldrums, it forces harder choices on where to allocate resources.

Time to head off to dinner. Don't eat anything I wouldn't. {*grin*}


  1. I know of two blogs in the last couple of weeks that have closed down. Usually I don't hear of it that frequently.

    If you do get snow, I hope that makes you happy. I'm not ready for that nonsense.

  2. I haven't noticed many blogs shutting down, but I have noticed a few taking time off, just as I did for about a month. Everything at home started to fall apart and I just had to take care of some personal and business matters. Now I am determined to post only once a week per each of my 3 blogs (I was posting about 6 total per week) and comment only when the mood strikes instead of feeling obligated to comment on everyone else's posts.

    Re: Mommy blogs. Unfortunately cute little Tommy is only adorable to his parents and grandparents, and perhaps to another mother who can relate. Likewise, I know my cats are only cute to me. (That hasn't stopped me from an occasional cat post, but only two out of hundreds of posts on my three blogs.) When I view other blogs, I usually skip Mommy posts. I don't have children and so the Mommy posts just don't interest me. Likewise, I would skip a football or astrology post, but I would read a human-interest story about three old men sitting around talking about carry bags of salt --because as I get older, I feel the pain, too.

  3. Probably seems like I am leaving but I am here to torture the blog world forever. SOON very very SOON I will again have internet at home and will be back to posting regularly! With no internet and the crazy few months I haven't been able to blog like I want but I am here for good so hang on tight!


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