Friday, November 13, 2009

Dreary Friday

What a dreary day it turned out to be. It was sunny early and then the dull gray cloud bank rolled in with the falling temperatures. Tonight it is hanging just above freezing and drizzling with a chance of turning to snow around midnight. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold all day. I want my sun and heat back!

I went over to mom's for supper tonight, which was a real treat since it didn't involve my own cooking. Not only that, it got me away from an ailing computer so I didn't feel the need to put it out of it's misery. In fact, this post is being written on it even as I ramble on into the darkness. So maybe abscence does make the heart grow fonder - at least as far as ailing computers saved from mercy killing goes?

Think kindly of me vacuuming and cleaning tomorrow. The amount of Molly fur on all the floors has gotten to the point where even I cannot stand it anymore. So tomorrow is the day to have a cleaning and vacuuming and clothes washing frenzy. I might even have to wash the kitchen floor.

So what are you doing Saturday?


  1. I'll be vacuuming today too! You're going to be busy. It would be great if you could crank up some old rock and roll to get you through the chores. Maybe humming would work...

  2. Garage Sale! Our weather is beautiful. Lows in the 50's and Highs in the 70's. Gotta love TX in the Fall. Summer not so much, but Fall is gorgeous.


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