Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Town in the News

As I have noted, I am the mayor of a small town in the rural plains of Colorado. This weekend there was a nice story in the New York Times about one of our denizens and a bit about the town. On page 19 of the New York Times Sunday edition was the story Sterling Journal. Note that I am not sure if the link will work if you don't have an account with the Times. Some do and some don't.

The story was nice because it concentrated on one of the long term residents of the area and his history. Campy has been a well known icon in the community since the days of my youth. He was originally a WWII prisoner of war who was captured and interned here. He eventually married and settled in the region after the war. Now at 87 he still works regularly doing what he loves best (repairing engines).

It's nice to see the normally overlooked people get their moment of fame in the big time papers! There was a strong element of chance in the whole story happening, as you would expect. The reporter, Kirk Johnson, was on a journey this summer and had engine trouble near here. His problem was fixed and along the way he met Campy and some of the other people mentioned in the story. So when he got back from his journey, he pitched it as a story to his editors and then returned to the area for follow up last week. You can't make up that sort of coincidence!


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