Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Glorious Fall

Today was beautiful as Molly the dog and I took our walk. The sky was just starting to get that dark and stormy look that precedes winter weather and the trees were still green gold. Probably the very last time this year that this will be the case!

Not only that, but for much of our time walking we had the entire park all to ourselves.  Seems that there just weren't many people out walking just after 5pm.

As you can see, the path in front of us had no one in sight. It was just us and the grass and the trees.

After a bit (I'm guessing about 5:45 or so) there started to be a few more people and dogs out and about. The next door neighbors and their daughter came and did a mile with their two little dogs. Several other people were walking around as well. Just a nice evening in the community.

The net result was an appropriately pleased Molly.


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