Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, Punditry, and Life

This is going to be a real disjunct post  don't try to find rhyme or reason in the topics or order!


The Halloween crowds were variable at the house tonight. We had 45+ trick or treaters from sundown until 7:45pm and then it slowed down a bit. The weather here was in the 70's today, so the downtown merchants trick or treat event was crowded with kids in costume. Early reports had crowds at other events like the recreation center and the nursing home as well. It was kind of nice to be able to answer the door without wearing a coat for the first time in years. To the right you can see a couple of pictures of a large group that was one of the last to hit the old doorstep. Note all the moms hiding in the background. If they can read my handwriting, they may even get a chance to see these poor quality pictures (someday I am going to have something other than my old cell phone camera in hand when a photo opportunity arises). For a change, the crowd didn't know who I was when I came to the door - proof positive that you *can* have some anonymity even in a small town. They seemed a bit surprised I was the mayor - could it have been the ratty shirt, holey shorts, and ripped up moccasins. A couple of bolts to the neck and I could have been Frankenstein's monster.

It is official, I am a pundit. I have been asked to speak to a  group on the implications of Tuesdays election. I had to laugh and ask the inviter if he and/or the audience had lost their grip on reality to invite me to be the pundit. What would I know about the implications of the national election? The group involved seems to think I have a "deep understanding and grip on the implications" of the national election races. Now I'm going to have to think of something to say. I wonder if that is how real pundits do it? Make something up on spur of the moment when put on the spot?

Sometimes life can surprise you. My wife actually arrived here early in the afternoon. It was really nice to be surprised by her arrival before the rush of Halloween trick or treating began. Small victories over the day to day trials of life are important.


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