Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AdSense Oddities (part II)

(This is the follow on to this post .)

I don't know about you, but suddenly tonight the ads started switching from the dental mania to reflect some of the other posts. So for example right now I see the following four ads:

  • Volunteer at Food Banks
  • Vonnage Small Business
  • Fake Your Phone Caller ID
  • Frisco Lodge B&B
What a change from the dental mania. But still no car ads!

It is fascinating to watch the workings of Google's crawler and it's ties to AdSense and how it determines what to display with what page content. Right now I can see how it might connect this post with the Volunteer ad, and I can stretch to see how the Vonnage and Fake Caller ID ads tie to this post , but it is a stretch to see how the Frisco Lodge B&B connects to this post . One day I'll have to try showing only the current day's post on the page to see the workings in finer grain. 

Oops, just refreshed the page again and the dental ads are back in force. Those dentists must really have a hard time finding keyword tie-ins because one of them is in Las Vegas which is one heck of a journey from here to see the dentist.


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