Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still OK

Just to let those who are concerned know, the tooth still doesn't hurt. (Hooray!)

Last night I had a training class for the tools involved in teaching an eCollege course. I can remember when the online education tools were primitive and the course content less than appealing. Now the online and in seat experiences are getting closer and closer.  I suspect that with time the differences may be entirely in the feedback mechanisms between student and teacher and the preferred learning method of the student. It will be interesting!

Today was what I hope was the last lawn mowing of the season. There may yet be one more mowing to go through. It hasn't yet frozen really hard and the parts of the lawn that haven't frozen are still exhibiting some growth. The leaves are turning and falling, the nights are crisp. It is the glorious season of fall. Time to go enjoy the sunset.


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