Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DOH! Moments

I am sitting here, installing a new  operating system on one of the computer systems here. It is late and I am just happy that I finally figured out how to do what I wanted to do. I have done similar things for the other computers here with no problem, but this particular one has really odd hardware. The worst part is that once the light bulb turned on, it was trivial. And it is painful that this should have been done months ago if I wasn't stuck awaiting the DOH moment. All I can plead is that I am getting old and senile and having months long DOH moments. I suppose I could also plead to being a geek. 

It seems that the older I get, the more often DOH moments turn into DOH weeks, sometimes even DOH months. DOH moments are those times when you know that you just know you can do some task, but just can't quite figure out one critical step. And then the light turns on and it is obvious and you go around smacking your head because it is so simple. DOH! 

At least there is a happy geek ending here. {Remember, you are not officially a geek unless you have a network of at least three different CPU architectures in your office.


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