Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rant, Rave, Odd, Insane

Rant of the Day:
Tonight was the webinar from hell. 3.5 hours of insipid instruction that could have been better completed in 30 minutes of reading. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - every class I've ever taken for non-technical certification has been similar. But they could have at least scheduled it for normal work hours and turned off the tattle-tale that flashes alerts to the instructor any time any one moves their mouse out of the webinar window. As if that is going to make someone stay awake. {*grin*}

Rave of the Day:
Google Voice. It made it trivial to connect several phones to the webinar stream. Although I am certainly not a power user of Google Voice, I'd highly recommend that you get it.

Odd Person of the Day:
The cable TV repairman wondering down the alley while staring up at the wires as he walked. He was rather embarrassed when he walked right into the dumpster I was emptying garbage into. The expression on his face as he mumbled "uh high" and then headed back the other way up the alley was priceless. I recognized him, but didn't want to embarrass him further by saying "Hi Dave", so I just went back to the gate and into the house.

Insane Moment of the Day:
This morning in the midst of a very vivid dream. Especially since the dream featured a group of pygmies that had formed a company to market the world's best rib sauce. And I was buried under a mass of pygmies who were all chanting
Bar Be Que
Bar Be Que
We Eat You!
And then I woke up.


  1. Loved your dream and have to ask did you wake craving b-bque food or fearing it?

    What was up with the cable guy?

  2. I have those weird dreams too but I'd have to say pigmies and bbq have never been a part of them :)

  3. Hahaha- I love that you let the cable guy walk on embarrassed but not humiliating him even further.

  4. I hate when I walk into dumpsters

  5. Thanks for the clarification on "time to make the donuts".
    I would have totally laughed at the cable guy. I can't help it, but that kind of stuff cracks me up!


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