Thursday, January 14, 2010

National Delurker Day

It has come to my attention that today (what remains of it) is National Delurker Day. Time for the ole blog to get gussied up with Joe, the open minded delurker:
to make sure *you* de-lurk. I know that you are out there. Yes you! It is time for you to leave a comment as you drive by, time for you to introduce yourself.

Besides, I have a more personal reason to see you de-lurk: I want to know which of you was dumped on this blog by Google when searching for [googlesex] (4% of the traffic one recent wintry day) and the ever popular ["google voice" -nexus delay] (5% of the traffic on yet another day).

So please de-lurk and leave a comment. Inquiring minds really want to meet you.


  1. LOL I saw this on one of the other blogs I follow :) I very rarely always know when I'm here!

  2. I found your blog through MamaKat. I usually post comments to all the blogs I read, if there is something relevant for me to comment about.

  3. I do believe we've met a time or two. :)

  4. I never just lurk here. It's too hard to do that.

  5. I very rarely always know when I'm here!

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You know you want to ... so just do it!!!

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