Friday, January 15, 2010

The Difference ...

The differences between men and women can sometimes be so glaring and yet so un-obvious that one simply goes "Huh?" and proceeds on the down the road. Today I served as a perfect example on the male side of the huh.

I got up this morning, threw on a polo shirt and shorts, and then proceeded to do the normal morning things like let Molly out and in, make coffee, etc. Since I was working from my home office today, I moseyed down the hall to the office and went to work. At noon I grabbed an apple and played with Molly for a bit, then went back to work. Late in the afternoon, I decided it was time for Molly and I to go for our walk. It was at that point that I thought to button the vee on my polo shirt and discovered that I had been wearing the shirt inside out all day.

The point here is that I had not looked at myself in the mirror all day or the error would have been obvious. The inside is very different than the outside of the polo shirt in question. I would regard my behavior as somewhat typical for the male of the species.

Now, for those of you of the female persuasion, just how likely is it that you could or would go for 8 hours or more without looking in a mirror? Yeah, that's what I thought. Amusing difference, isn't it?


  1. You don't even look in the mirror when in the bathroom.

    If not in the bathroom, I too can go all day after initial getting ready in the morning.

  2. I only look twice a day. When I am brushing my teeth in the morning, and when I am brushing my teeth before bed. Both of those times I see my MOTHER looking back.

    When you are 52, 20 pounds overweight, have 3 sons and 1 husband that have aged you beyond your is best not to look. It is too depressing :)

  3. Well I've been known to go for days without looking in the mirror HA! Seriously, I only bother with a mirror when I'm leaving the house and that doesn't happen very often at all...maybe twice a month :)

  4. I definitely would have noticed if my shirt was on inside out, but honestly I look at myself in the mirror less than my hubby does. He walks into the bathroom just to look in the mirror.

  5. I probably would have noticed my reflection in the mirror of my bathroom. The way my bathroom is set up, you can't help but see your reflection as you walk in and out the door. Besides, my boyfriend or one of my kids would have said something long before 8 hours was over.

  6. I only bother with a mirror when I'm leaving the house and that doesn't happen very often at all...maybe twice a month

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  7. you always make me chuckle, Dan. I would have noticed...probably.

  8. Haha, working from home and being up all night on diaper change duty, I have been known to be wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row (after sleeping in them)--at least I avoid the inside-out error.

  9. I probably should look in the mirror more. Since becoming a mom, I tend to forget to check my appearance before heading out. I've been caught with peanut butter on my face at the bus stop :)


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