Monday, January 11, 2010

The Odd of the Moment

L headed back to the mountains today so I was left to do real work and enjoy a beautiful day. It did indeed reach 45F - so I walked to the Post Office and then to the office of the new mayor (who also happens to be the treasurer of my campaign committee) and then to one of the local computer stores to look at some proposed equipment for the Humane Society. All in all a pleasant walk with just a light weight hoodie over my office wear.

Now that you have clicked away due to my boring meanderings, we can get to the interesting things. As I neared home, I saw a couple of city trucks and workers along with an old high school friend standing on the lawn of a house down the street from ours. Turns out Joe's (uncle of the high school friend) water lines to the house froze last night. It is one of those oddities that sometimes the subsurface frost shield can move as the surface warms and cause freezing in unexpected locations. They were all standing around after giving up on using the flame-thrower in the meter pit and were about to roll in the hot water jet machine to try thawing it out. Pretty incongruous to see workers in shirt-sleeves using the flame-thrower and the hot water jet to thaw out water lines under the street. I was just happy it wasn't my water line.

The whole episode brought to my mind the question of whether bad things happen in multiples or not. Just yesterday I remarked to L that Joe must have gotten a new pickup; then I realized that the new truck in his driveway was his friends and Joe's was nowhere to be spotted. That is unusual because Joe's truck is always out front. Turns out that Joe's truck had been destroyed in an accident Saturday. Now his water lines froze shut last night. Sure seems like Joe is off to a bad week. So do you think Joe should plan for yet more bad news?

Speaking of being a bit off, can you spot what is wrong with this piece of art work?

I just hope it isn't what we have on the side of our animal control trucks. After all, we are supposed to handle animals of the non-human variety, not party animals and others of the human variety. Someone dropped a rather critical e off Humane. I guess I'm going to have to take a look when I meet with the animal control officers later in the week. If you hear a large AARGH echoing through the land, you'll know what I found.


  1. Dan, I think Joe should prepare for one more piece of shit on his shit plate. It always comes in threes. As for that human society, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the e is on the trucks. If not I suggest a vinyl touch up. It will be far less costly.

  2. I believe things happen in threes ... so Joe should beware. I foretell one more bad thing in his future and then he should be OK for awhile.

  3. One of my stats professors used to always explain it in technical terms: "stuff occurs in bunches."

    That would be an eye-catching sign.

  4. I think bad things happen in threes too...and the Human Society is too funny..I hope it's NOT on the trucks like that. The dog/cat combo does look a little human-ish though...

  5. Hopefully Joe will not have any more bad news. Nice sign! The human (not humane) tendacy for error is sometimes hilarious!


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