Monday, January 18, 2010

The Back Has It

The unseasonably nice weather continued here and boy is it great! Molly and I went walking and it was close to 50 degrees this afternoon. The downside is that there are sometimes rather strange people out walking when we are.

This afternoon was a case in point: a lady and her teenage daughters were walking in front of us at about the same speed. Molly and I got the pleasure of following them from about 20 yards to the rear for a couple of miles. That in and of itself isn't interesting; the fact that the lady and her daughters were carrying on a discussion in voices that approached foghorn levels was.

I was a bit confused over their topic of discussion for the first part of the walk. I was torn between believing that the topic was basketball, soccer, or vinyl siding. Some of the phrases I overheard were:
"It is so big that I can't fit it through the hoop."
"Mine is so straight and thin that everything keeps falling off."
"I'm jealous of you because mine won't fill them out."
"I'm jealous because mine won't fit in the gap."
Of course, the bits and snippets Molly and I overhead were tantalizing but very uninformative as to what exactly was being discussed in such stentorian tones.

After 15 minutes, the conversation became clearer. They were discussing their derrières!

I still cannot fathom why they felt the need to discuss this topic in such depth and so loudly as they walked in the park, but it kept me entertained.

Now all I hope for is to see this on tomorrow's walk:


  1. Jeans. They were talking about wearing jeans.

    You have to follow different people on your next walk - people from a different generation or sex.

  2. There's just no telling about some people. That's too funny! Great images!

  3. Too funny. That first "booty" picture really woke me up :)

  4. Yup, I knew what they were talking about from the get go. I guess you have to be a woman to understand.

  5. I can imagine you'll be crossing the street to avoid future conversations during walks. When our dog was alive, I was fortunate enough to walk her at odd hours when no one was around to talk.

  6. Yep, women talk like that around other women. All wanting to fit into the skinny jeans these days.

  7. WOW. Those are some big butts LOL

  8. There's just no telling about some people. That's too funny! Great images!

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