Sunday, January 10, 2010

Proof I Am Alive

After several days of ODing on the football playoffs, I figured I'd better get my rear end in gear and prove I am still alive.

Today it warmed up to a glorious 42 and tomorrow it might even hit 45. That meant that L and I and Molly went walking in the park this afternoon. I wore shorts since it exceeded the 20 degree threshold, but L had on a bit too much with a sweater and a coat and gloves and .... So L was shedding layers all the way along the walk. Molly didn't care about the temperature;  she just walked in the snow rather than on the cleared path. If she thought it got too warm, she just sat down in the slush and grinned at us. Given that she does the same thing when it is -10F and the wind is blowing, that was no surprise.

I read a number of blogs (my Google Reader list has about 230 in it) and suffered unrequited bouts of glee whenever I read that someone felt guilty that their Christmas tree was still up after the New Year. But I couldn't make snide comments on the blogs because our tree was still up. L and I finally took our tree down today. Now I no longer have to restrain my glee to, I can make snide comments the next time I come across a posting saying the tree is still up. (Especially since this year it got put up earlier than last year.)

Finally, I have found the perfect bed. For whom I am not sure, but who could resist trying to get fitted sheets for this bed:

And while we are looking for new and different furniture, how about this "Rocking Hot Dog":

I think a room outfitted with the bed and rocking dog would be sufficient to drive me crazy. How about you?


  1. Seriously, is that a real bed? That's insane!

  2. What a bed! I take up much more room than that would allow. The rocking dog, just don't see that one happening. I just got my tree down Friday, had to get a new box (tote) to put it in since my old, original box had just about had it. And it's not real easy to find a nice big tote for a 7 ft tree.

  3. Wow, you're having S. TX temperatures! Those temps are unseasonably cold for us and we are bundled up and FREEZING.

  4. That bed is a hoot. Glad you are having a heat wave we are still in the single digits here.

  5. I'm not sure my cats could even sleep in that bed :o but I love the rocking dog! Glad you're alive :D

  6. Never mind the furniture or the fact you can mock me because my tree is still went out in shorts?

    Hello? 45 degrees is not considered summer temps.

    Does this mean, now that you're no longer mayor, you'll be walking around your town nude when it hits 70?


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